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About Us


What is this "Great Roads, Great Rides"

It was started with our self-published "Great Roads, Great Rides" in 2005.

We had gathered a collection of great roads that we enjoyed most of the year around, and figured that others would enjoy these same roads. Thus, we compiled our collection into the book, and launched our web site: "greatroadsgreatrides.com"

After successfully marketing the book during the summer and fall of 2005, we found quite a few motorcyclists enjoyed our book and routes. They were good sellers at open houses at dealerships, and many friends and spouses of motorcyclists discovered they made good gifts for Fathers Day, Christmas or a birthday.

From there, great Roads Great Rides went on to form a relationship with Moto-Maps, LLC. out of New Hampshire. Its founder needed routes for his product, and turned to us to provide them to him in the Mid-Atlantic and South.


The Authors:

Jennings Glenn began his motorcycling in the late '70s riding off-road in Nebraska and the Black Hills of South Dakota. His first ride was a Honda 125XL. From there he moved up in engine size off-roading and in a few years purchased his first street bike, a Suzuki GS550T. Moving back east in the late '80s, he bought his first really "big" bike, a Suzuki VX800. It was during this time that he linked up with his current motorcycling group, a group whose love of serious riding led to this book. His current ride is a 2003 BMW K1200LTC. He pays the bills teaching music, and his other loves include his grandchildren and performing classical and jazz music on his flute. Jennings knows what most touring riders love most: Great Roads, Great Rides!


We've continued to contribute to local and regional motorcycle publications stories and routes to keep the adventurous motorcyclist happy. Along the way we've discovered many more great roads and great rides – as well as a great community of fun-loving motorcyclists who yearn for different roads to explore, and new adventures to discover.

The Authors & Moto-Maps

Both Jennings & Dan have contributed to the continued growth of the Moto-Map product. Each have individually designed rides for the following states that are currently being offered under the Moto-Map banner: Maryland/Delaware; Eastern Pennsylvania/New Jersey; Virginia North; Virginia Southern; Western Pennsylvania; West Virginia; Sturgis Edition; North Carolina; Georgia; Smokies; Ohio..




Dan Bard has been riding up and down the east coast on many different road bikes for more than 30 years. A few western trips were also in the mix during that time. Along the way, he's written and shared his stories in local regional publications as well as in "American Motorcyclist," the magazine of the American Motorcyclist Association. He has been a Motorcycle Safety Instructor and involved with many organized motorcycle events including AMA District Rallies and Poker Runs. His current ride is a bright yellow 2002 Goldwing. Dan too has brought his depth of knowledge to play in sharing with you some Great Roads, Great Rides.

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